Wetsuit hire in Donostia, Basque Country

If you are going on holidays to the city of San Sebastian (Donostia) in Guipúzcoa and you need to rent a quality wetsuit at an affordable price, welcome! From VAS Cycling Boutique, we have proposed to provide a wetsuit hire service for those athletes who need it.

Why use a wetsuit?

Whether you are a swimmer or a triathlete, you will need it for open water swimming. The water temperature outdoors is lower than in a swimming pool. Your body is exposed to lower temperatures and we avoid hypothermia. In addition, in the north of Spain, the sea water is quite cold, so it will come in handy.

Use of neoprene

You can find different types of wetsuits. Depending on the swimmer’s level and the purpose for which it is to be used. For example, competition wetsuits are much thinner in thickness or the materials provide less buoyancy. Advanced swimmers don’t need as much buoyancy, but they do need more flexibility for comfort in their movements.

You have run out of wetsuit for training or racing

This type of rental is a unique opportunity. On rare occasions, a triathlete or swimmer may break their wetsuit before an important competition or training session. Or simply, we don’t want to carry any more stuff in our suitcase and we access the VAS Rent a Bike wetsuit rental service.

It is ideal, because as the days go by, the price will go down. That is to say, if the first day it costs 15 euros, the second day, it will cost 28 euros. Therefore, the more days you rent your wetsuit, the cheaper it will be.

The available wetsuit models we have

We have thought of everyone, and both men and women will be able to enjoy these wonderful wetsuits. We have 3 models available:

Huub Alpha Beta wetsuit

This wetsuit is perfect for beginners or simply for those who don’t have excellent swimming skills. It is long sleeved, and stands out for its good buoyancy and flexibility. In addition to having a nice design, combining colours like black and blue.

Orca Vitalis His-Vis wetsuit

This neoprene stands out for its strong orange colours on a black background. So it will give you more visibility on your open water swims. You’ll keep warmth in without compromising movement.

Orca Vitalis TRN wetsuit

For those who need a daily training wetsuit or for beginners. Your workouts will be very comfortable and safe thanks to its neutral buoyancy. With a beautiful design in which the orange striations on shoulders and arms stand out.

Now you know where to buy or hire your wetsuit from 15€ per day. Remember to tell us about your experience on our social networks Facebook and Instagram and follow us to keep up to date with our shops.


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