This is the list of the most rented bicycles during these spring months in VAS Rent a Bike Mallorca, Roquetas de Mar (Almería), Donostia (San Sebastián), Arganda del Rey (Madrid), Chinchón (Madrid) and La Nucía (Alicante). Here they are.

Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon 3+

And with number one, we present to you this top quality electric mountain bike. Its carbon frame ensures a lightweight and durable construction. It is equipped with a powerful integrated motor that provides pedalling assistance, allowing you to conquer difficult terrain with ease.

Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon 3+, the ebike of your dreams.

Quality suspension with front fork and rear shock absorbs shocks and provides a smooth ride. High-performance components, such as hydraulic disc brakes and a precise transmission, ensure optimum control. The high-capacity battery provides ample range for longer adventures. With the Moterra Neo Carbon 3, you’ll enjoy a thrilling and efficient riding experience on any trail.

Cannondale Synapse Di2

A high-end road bike designed for comfort and performance over long distances. Its lightweight, stiff carbon frame provides excellent responsiveness and pedalling efficiency. It is equipped with a Shimano Di2 electronic shifting system, which provides precise and smooth shifting at the touch of a button.

Its endurance geometry offers a more upright and relaxed position, reducing fatigue on long rides. The Synapse Di2 features a carbon fork that absorbs road vibrations, improving comfort. Hydraulic disc brakes offer great stopping power in all conditions. It’s a versatile and reliable bike for riders looking for exceptional performance and a smooth riding experience on long road rides.

Cannondale Habit Neo

Thirdly, we have a versatile and fun electric mountain bike. Designed to meet the demands of trail riding, it is equipped with an electric motor that provides assisted pedalling in difficult terrain. Its lightweight and robust aluminium frame offers a balanced geometry for agile and stable handling.

The Habit Neo features quality suspension with a front fork and rear shock to absorb shocks and maintain control on the trails. High-grip tyres provide increased traction on rough terrain. It also has a high-capacity battery for increased range. With the Cannondale Habit Neo, riders can enjoy exciting trail adventures with the added power and confidence of an electric bike.

Cannondale Habit Neo 3

Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD

It is a high performance road bike designed for speed and aerodynamics. Its Hi-Mod carbon frame ensures a light and stiff platform that provides optimal power transfer and responsiveness. The System Six features an integrated aerodynamic design with tube shapes and profiles designed to reduce drag and increase efficiency.

In addition, its advanced carbon fork further improves aerodynamics and handling precision. Equipped with high-end components such as Shimano Dura-Ace drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, the System Six Hi-Mod offers precise shifting and exceptional braking performance. Its sleek, aggressive geometry favours a low, aerodynamic riding position, allowing riders to cut through the wind effortlessly. With its focus on speed, aerodynamics and superior performance, the Cannondale System Six Hi-Mod is the perfect choice for racing cyclists and enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in road cycling.

The Specialized Turbo Creo Expert SL

This is an exceptional electric road bike that combines cutting-edge technology with high-performance design. Its lightweight carbon frame provides an efficient and responsive ride, while the Turbo Creo SL 1.1 motor is seamlessly integrated into the bike’s design, delivering powerful and smooth pedal assistance. The Creo Expert SL features a world-class Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain for precise and reliable shifting performance. Its Future Shock suspension system absorbs road vibrations, improving comfort and control.

The Turbo Creo Expert SL is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power in all conditions. With a range-extending battery, riders can tackle long distances with ease. The bike’s geometry strikes a balance between stability and agility, making it suitable for both endurance rides and spirited sprints. The Specialized Turbo Creo Expert SL is an ideal choice for riders seeking a high-performance electric road bike that effortlessly combines speed, technology, and versatility.

Finally, this is the top 5 of VAS Rent a Bike! Hopefully you liked this selection if you were still in doubt. Tell us about your experience and follow us on our social networks Instagram and Facebook.


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