Road cycling routes in the area of La Vega de Madrid

The Vega de Madrid area offers a variety of road cycling routes to enjoy the scenery and nature. Here are some popular routes in that area:

El Escorial Route

This route starts in Madrid and heads north to San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The journey offers stunning views of the Sierra de Guadarrama and passes through towns such as Galapagar and Collado Villalba.

Valmayor Reservoir Route

This itinerary surrounds the Valmayor Reservoir, located northwest of Madrid. The route is relatively flat and offers beautiful views of the reservoir and its surroundings. You can start in El Escorial and ride around the reservoir until you return to the starting point.

Sierra Norte Route

For more experienced cyclists, the Sierra Norte de Madrid offers mountainous and challenging terrain. You can start in Colmenar Viejo and explore the municipalities in the area, such as Miraflores de la Sierra, Rascafría, and Buitrago del Lozoya. The route will allow you to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and picturesque towns.

Pueblos Negros Route

This route takes you through the Pueblos Negros, a rural area north of the Community of Madrid known for its unique architecture and slate houses. The route starts in the municipality of Patones de Arriba and takes you through different towns, such as Campillo de Ranas and Majaelrayo.

Jarama Riverside Route

This route follows the course of the Jarama River, offering river landscapes and protected natural areas. You can start in Alcalá de Henares and head north following the river. The route will take you through municipalities such as Torrelaguna, El Molar, and San Agustín del Guadalix.

Always remember to comply with traffic regulations and prioritize road safety when embarking on these routes. Additionally, it is advisable to carry all the necessary equipment for a safe journey, such as a helmet, lights, reflective clothing, and basic repair tools. Enjoy cycling in La Vega de Madrid!


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