Rental Agreement and Conditions

I, accept and understand the terms and conditions set forth by VAS Rent a Bike when renting a bicycle.

Customer Responsibilities:

1. I am responsible for the proper use and care of the bicycle during the rental period.

2. I will ensure that the bicycle is used only by myself and will not lend, sublease, or allow anyone else to use it without prior authorization from VAS Rent a Bike.

3. I will not use the bicycle for illegal, dangerous, or inappropriate purposes.

4. I agree to return the bicycle in the same condition as when I received it, except for normal wear and tear resulting from its use.

Use and Care of the Bicycle:

1. I will use the bicycle exclusively for its intended purpose, namely as a personal and recreational means of transportation.

2. I will keep the bicycle clean and free from excessive dirt.

3. I will not make any modifications, repairs, or adjustments to the bicycle without prior authorization from VAS Rent a Bike.

4. I will not leave the bicycle unattended in unsafe or unprotected areas.

5. I will ensure that the bicycle is always locked when not in use.

Risks and Damages:

1. I accept that any damage, theft, or loss of the bicycle is solely my responsibility, and I will be liable for the associated costs.

2. I agree to immediately notify VAS Rent a Bike in the event of any damage or accident related to the bicycle during the rental period.

3. I understand that VAS Rent a Bike is not liable for any injury or personal harm I may suffer while using the bicycle.