1. Purpose of the contract:

The purpose of this contract is to regulate the rental of bicycles provided by VAS Rent a Bike and the optional hiring of accidental damage insurance.

2. Rental duration:

The bicycle rental will take place for a specified period agreed upon between VAS Rent a Bike and The Client, as specified in the rental receipt.

3. Identification of the parties:

a) VAS Rent a Bike:

  • Company name: VAS Rent a Bike
  • Legal name: Vinci Active Sport SL
  • Tax ID: B01606003
  • Registered address: Calle Santiago de Compostela, 25, Roquetas de Mar, 04740, Almería, Spain
  • Contact number: 635864689

b) The Client:

– The person who made the rental reservation will be considered the client.


1. General provisions:

Accidental damage insurance is optional and is offered in two versions: basic and advanced.

The insurance only covers material damages caused to the rented bicycle.

The insurance does not cover loss or non-return of peripherals (e.g., chargers, locks, tool bags…).

In either case, the insurance does not cover theft.

2. Coverage of the basic insurance:

a) The basic insurance covers material damages to the bicycle, including parts and labor, up to a maximum amount of €500.

b) The basic insurance does not cover personal damages suffered by The Client.

c) The basic insurance does not cover damages resulting from misuse of the bicycle or damages caused by unauthorized activities.

d) In case roadside assistance covered by the basic insurance is required, a cost per kilometer equivalent to the delivery price will be applied.

3. Coverage of the advanced insurance:

a) The advanced insurance covers material damages to the bicycle, including parts and labor, up to €1500.

b) In addition to the coverage provided by the basic insurance, the advanced insurance includes roadside assistance in the event of breakdowns that cannot be repaired with the basic repair kit, within a radius of 50km and during the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM.

c) Roadside assistance will be provided only in cases where the bicycle breakdown is attributable to the bicycle itself and hinders the return to the rental location. In the event that roadside assistance covered by the advanced insurance is required, no additional cost per kilometer traveled will be applied.


1. Damages not covered by the insurance:

a) Personal damages suffered by The Client or any other person.

b) Damages caused by misuse of the bicycle or unauthorized activities.

c) Damages resulting from non-compliance with traffic laws or negligence on the part of The Client.

d) Damages caused by natural wear and tear, corrosion, oxidation, or adverse weather conditions.

e) Damages to accessories and additional equipment not included with the rented bicycle.

2. Liability of The Client:

a) The Client will be responsible for any damages not covered by the contracted insurance.

b) In case of damages not covered by the insurance, The Client agrees to pay the necessary repair or replacement costs to restore the rented bicycle to its original condition.


1. Obligations of VAS Rent a Bike:

a) Provide The Client with a bicycle in good working condition and with the agreed-upon accessories.

b) Provide The Client with the requested accidental damage insurance as detailed in this contract.

c) Assist The Client in the event of breakdowns covered by the advanced insurance, according to the established conditions.

2. Obligations of The Client:

a) Use the rented bicycle in accordance with current traffic laws and the instructions provided by VAS Rent a Bike.

b) Immediately notify VAS Rent a Bike of any damage or breakdown to the bicycle.

c) Use the basic repair kit provided by VAS Rent a Bike to solve minor issues during the rental.

d) Fulfill the payment obligations stipulated in this contract.


1. Modifications and amendments:

Any modification or amendment to this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

2. Applicable law and jurisdiction:

This contract shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain. Any dispute arising from the contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Almería, Spain.

3. Severability:

In the event that any provision of this contract is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

4. Entire agreement:

This contract constitutes the entire agreement between VAS Rent a Bike and The Client, replacing any previous oral or written agreements or understandings related to the rental of bicycles and accidental damage insurance.

Both parties declare that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions set forth in this contract.

VAS Rent a Bike

Vinci Active Sport SL

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