Indispensables for renting a bike

If you are looking to rent a bike, it is important that you consider the following essentials:


At most bike rental places, you will be asked to provide some form of identification before renting a bike. Generally, an official identification document such as an ID card or passport is accepted.

Money or credit card

Of course, you will need money to pay for the bike rental. Make sure you carry enough cash or have a valid credit card to make the payment. At VAS Rent a Bike you can pay by credit card: VISA or MASTERCARD.


Although not always compulsory, it is advisable to wear a helmet for safety in case of accidents. Also, if you don’t have a helmet, you can rent one at our points.

Comfortable clothing and footwear

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for cycling. Avoid wearing loose clothing or sandals as they can interfere with pedals and brakes. If you don’t have cycling clothing, we can sell you suitable clothing when you hire your bike from any of our rental outlets.

Knowledge of traffic rules

It is important that you know the traffic rules in the area where you will be renting the bike, as this will help you to be safe and avoid accidents.

Knowledge of how to use the bike

Make sure you know how to adjust the seat height, how to shift gears and how to brake before you set off on your bike. However, our staff will be happy to advise you on the correct riding position.

Remember that it is also important to check the condition of the bike before renting it to make sure it is in good condition and to avoid any problems during the trip.

Don’t forget the indispensable for renting a bike.


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