Do I need disc brakes for my bicycle in Mallorca?

The world of cycling is advancing and every year new innovations for our machines come out, at the same time that others already accepted by the market are consolidating their position among cyclists.

So in 2019 a big dilemma has arisen in the world of road cycling, is it necessary to have disc brakes on the skinny?

So, before we give it away we are going to list the pros and cons (which many of you will already know), and then say what we think about the use of discs on road bikes in Mallorca.


  1. Increased braking power and precision with less effort
  2. Vastly improved performance in wet and wet conditions.
  3. The rims do not interfere with the braking system, thus avoiding problems of overheating of the tyres and wear on the rim itself.


  1. Weight gain
  2. Increased maintenance (brake adjustment, brake pad change, bleeding…)
  3. Higher price. The disc braking system is more complex than the rim brake, which makes it more expensive.

Beware of transport! Discs can be easily bent or scratched, so it is very important to always be very careful when transporting them.


That said, do we recommend discs for cycling in Mallorca?

In our humble opinion, discs are not necessary in Mallorca due to the conditions on the island: Good weather (little rainfall) and good roads, mostly well paved. That said, our customers who rent the Specialized Tarmac Disc Pro are amazed by the bike’s performance and braking ability. So, cycle touring holidays in Mallorca can be a good opportunity to test the discs on the road if you haven’t had the chance yet.