6 apps for cyclists

There are several useful apps for cyclists that can help you improve your cycling experience. Here are some of the best:


This is one of the most popular apps for cyclists. It can track your performance and stats, such as distance travelled, time, speed and calories burned. You can also compete with other cyclists on specific segments and share your achievements on social media. Download Strava here.


This route planning app allows you to discover popular routes and create your own custom routes. You can select the type of terrain you prefer, such as paved roads or mountain bike trails, and the app will provide you with turn-by-turn directions. Download Komoot here.


Developed by Under Armour, MapMyRide is an app that records and tracks your cycling activity. You can find popular routes near your location, track your stats and follow a training plan. You can also connect devices such as heart rate monitors and cadence sensors for more detailed data. Very similar to Garmin Connect.

Bicycle Gear Calculator

Useful if you want to know the gear ratio on your bike. You can enter your chainring and sprocket settings, and the app will show you the corresponding speed and cadence for each gear combination. For more info here.

Bike Computer

Simple but powerful for tracking your cycling performance. It can record data such as speed, distance, time, altitude and location. Also includes features such as calorie burn tracking and support for external sensors. Download Bike Computer here.

All in Biking

This app is very new, born at the beginning of 2023. It is an app where cyclists can meet up in a group, upload audiovisual content and even register their bike to prevent theft and promote the safety of cyclists on their training rides.

Finally, you can share your experiences with these 6 apps for cyclists or other apps on our social networks Instagram and Facebook. Tell us about them!


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