5 top places to visit by bike in Mallorca

Mallorca is a beautiful island with a variety of places to visit on a leisurely bike ride. Here are some recommendations for interesting places to explore on your bike in Mallorca:

Palma de Mallorca

Start your adventure in the island’s capital. You can bike through the old town of Palma and visit the majestic Palma Cathedral, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, and the charming neighborhood of Santa Catalina.

Serra de Tramuntana

This stunning mountain range that crosses the island is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy the spectacular landscapes as you pedal along winding roads and visit picturesque villages such as Valldemossa, Deià, and Sóller.

Beaches and coves

Mallorca boasts beautiful beaches and coves with crystal-clear waters. You can bike along the coast and stop at places like Cala d’Or, Cala Mesquida, Es Trenc, or Cala Varques for a refreshing swim.

Cuevas del Drach

Located on the east coast of the island, the Cuevas del Drach are a popular tourist attraction. Explore the impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations inside and enjoy a classical music concert on the Martel Underground Lake.

Cabrera National Park

If you love nature, you can take a ferry from Mallorca to Cabrera National Park. This protected marine reserve offers great opportunities for snorkeling, hiking, and exploring Mediterranean fauna and flora.

Remember to always follow traffic rules and respect protected areas. Additionally, Mallorca has an extensive network of cycling routes and bike lanes, making it easy to navigate the island by bike. Enjoy your bike trip in Mallorca!


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